Monogram Louis Vuitton and Fendi

MONOGRAM Mania - a fashion statement!

"Logo mania" is all the rage in fashion, taking over bags, accessories, and clothing. Like a kind of sartorial tribalism, fashionistas choose their clans and display their allegiances by showing off outfits with the names of their favourite designers.

Louis Vuitton was one of the first to launch the monogram trend, when the designer decided to print the initials "LV" in contrasting colors on bags, suitcases, and leather goods during the belle époque period. Over the years, many other companies have turned their initials into a "status symbol" that represents their brand's fashion manifesto.

Think of "YSL" by Yves Saint Laurent, the mirrored "C" used by Chanel, and Gucci's "GG", flaunted by such celebrities as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or the cursive "FF", known as "Karligraphy" after Karl Lagerfeld, who designed it for Fendi in 1981.

In 1967, March Bohan invented Dior's oblique monogram logo, a motif which was first unveiled in the 1969 Haute Couture collection, adorning bags.

"Monogram mania" peaked in the 80s and 90s, when wearing fashionable clothing that showed off brand names was considered a status symbol. Now this trend is back, if it ever really left, brightening up catwalks and street style alike.

What's the best way to wear or style monograms?

For a classic, chic way to make a monogrammed bag pop, wear it with solid colored clothes and you'll find yourself instantly transported into spotlight.

To refresh a solid colored garment with a touch of vintage flair, wrap a silk scarf around your neck or wear it over your hair like a bandanna, or finish off your look by framing your face with a pair of boldly monogrammed glasses.

For the ultimate level of sophisticated feminine allure, tie your look together by showing off matching, monogrammed bags and silk scarves.

If you want to take a more daring approach to logomania, try combining different monograms in a single outfit, for a playful way to add color to everyday streetwear.

These days, logomania isn't just trendy; it's also fun and tongue-in-cheek, as seen in Gucci's latest designs.

Monograms are a fashion statement both on and off the runway: anyone can express their tastes and style by choosing items with all-over prints.

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