3 tips for a sustainable luxury summer

3 tips for a sustainable luxury summer

With summer fast and officially approaching, we all crave some free time: so how can we continue to sustain our planet during this period?

Follow our 3 simple tips to make your summer sustainable!

1) Bring your Reusable Shopping Bags with you

Now is as good as ever to show and use your personal shopping bag everywhere you go (for grocery shopping, to dinner out, during the lunch time).

Double points if it is a pre-loved bag.

2) Don’t waste water

Washing your clothes with the necessary cold water increases the product’s life and gives more energy to reconnect yourself with the nature. 

3) Look for Pre-Loved items

It can be assumed, but if you are thinking of revamping or improve your wardrobe, pre-loved products are the right option to reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion production and protect our planet.


Let you shine this summer: do the right choice with our selection of luxury pre-loved items. This is good for you and for the planet.

Start now your sustainable summer