Meet: Julie De Kaenel

Meet: Julie De Kaenel

Let's have a talk with sweet Julie De Kaenel, a student and lover of luxury and vintage.

Can you tell us more about your experience with Fancy Lux? 

I have ordered several times on your website and there has never been a problem: every item I ordered was in excellent condition and, if there was any defect, it was clearly stated. I am happy with the "treasures" I found on your site: several monogrammed Dior, Fendi or Louis Vuitton bags.

We know your are a vintage lover. What do you like the most about this world?

Vintage pieces give that final and original touch to your outfit. I've always loved fashion and luxury since I was little, but as a student I hadn't always the means to afford expensive pieces. I love sifting through boutiques and networks for "treasures", giving them a second life and then reselling and buying them again.

Was magst du an Fancy Lux?

What I love about Fancy Lux is the way they present their items on Instagram, it makes you want to buy their luxury products! I also love their concept of mixing vintage, streetwear and Art Toys: a small vintage bag, a Supreme t-shirt and a small pair of shoes and you're done.

What would you recommend to our community?

I would recommend to always take a look at your website: new high-quality luxury items continually and lots of choice at reasonable prices.

In addition, the services that Fancy Lux offers are excellent and on time, such as:

  • Consignment service: sell the luxury items you no longer want, to give them a second life;
  • Luxury Hunter: which consists in finding you the products you have been wanting for a long time;
  • Authentication service: if you have doubts about any product, you can have it authenticated by Fancy Lux.

They also have different payment methods, such as TWINT and Installment Payment, which makes it very easy to buy a certain item.

Would you suggest some products you love?

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