The security to own an authentical good is a value that makes the difference, mostly when buying luxury goods.


Luxury Without Doubts

We would like to present two services to you:

Do you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of an object you own?
Are you uncertain whether an item purchased on another site is an original?
Have you found an item in your grandmother’s wardrobe which you would like to have authenticated?
Would you like to sell a bag, but want to make sure that it is authentic beforehand?
Would you like a certificate of authenticity for all the luxury items you possess?

Here at Fancy Lux we can resolve all of these dilemmas for you, thanks to our product authenticity advice service.
The service is only for bags already in your wardrobe.
If you have any questions, please contact
It is quick and easy.


Purchase service

Purchase the service via our  website and we will get in touch with you.

Send the product

Send the product that you would like authenticated to our location in Lugano.


The product will undergo rigorous analyses, carried out by our experts and using a suitable machine.

Get the certificate

Once we have established the authenticity of the product, we will issue you with a certificate.

Send the product back

We will send the product back to you along with the certificate, using an insured courier service.

Extra Authenticity Certificate

Authentication based on technology

As of today, Fancy Lux also offers to those who buy bags an extra certificate to guarantee their originality and that is issued both in paper and digital form.

We use the advanced technology put into service by Entrupry for luxury bags, which constantly collects and updates data and images of manufacturers around the world, to ensure that the products are not counterfeit. Entrupry’s data runs from 80 years ago to the present day.

An extra guarantee that we give to our customers and that you can request on the page of every bag you purchase by selecting the option "extra authenticity certificate".