The Authentic Luxury Experience

The Authentic Luxury Experience

Authenticity is one of our core values here at Fancy Lux, for this reason we strive to offer our customers the best possible service and we guarantee on the authenticity of all our products. At Fancy Lux, we stand against counterfeiting and work relentlessly in order to provide the best quality, original products.

In addition, authenticity is also fundamental for sustainability: in fact, counterfeited items often are made with substandard materials and dangerous components that put the health of our environment at risk.

Fancy Lux is built on the belief that creating a relationship of trust with the client is fundamental, therefore we o
ffer multiple levels of authentication in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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4 ways to spot a difference between authentic and fake

Our experts use multiple and varied techniques to authentic each single product we have on sale. However, we want to give you some basic tips to let you understand if the luxury product you have or you are going to buy is fake:

  1. The first thing you should look at, is if the item has any imperfections. Luxury brands are extremely careful with their craftsmanship, they often have unique manufacturing and working methods, so always check stitching, logo, spelling, branding, fastenings, buttons, handles, straps and hardware for any non conformities. Small differences in size, color and quality can be telltale signs of copies;
  2. Secondly, fabrics and materials are an important indicator of authenticity for luxury goods. Touch and smell are two fundamental allies in making sure that fabrics, and especially leather, correspond to the standards. Luxury brands in many instances use one of a kind materials that are made exclusively for them, and are impossible to replicate exactly. And, when you can't use these two senses, make sure that the material is present in the description or ask for more information;
  3. A third important disclaimer is packaging. Authentic luxury items always come with official packaging, if they don’t there is the highest chance for them to be fakes. Of course it doesn’t apply to second hand luxury, since pre-loved items rarely come with their original packaging and, when it is present, the value of the product raises;
  4. This brings us to the last way to recognise authentic products: always check if the retailer, be it online or off-line, guarantees the products’ authenticity. Even when the original packaging is unavailable, a retailer that is able to issue authenticity certificates for all the items in stock is always trustworthy. For this reason, at Fancy Lux we offer to our clients to two levels of certified authenticity.

Two levels of Authenticity

We consider Authenticity as the new luxury, thereby we hold ourself accountable and take full responsibility of the authentication process. Our desire is for our customers to fully trust us and enjoy a stress free shopping experience conscious that they will only get luxury products of the highest quality.

We offer a two-level authentication process that will produce one or two authenticity certificates depending on what are the needs.

The first level is the Authenticity Guaranteed by Fancy Lux. Our authentication process is extremely careful and thought to guarantee the highest possible standards; every product is carefully checked and reviewed by Fancy Lux experts before reaching our website and after the purchase, together with their items, a certificate of authenticity issued by us is attached. With the certificate, we attest the authenticity of the item and make ourself responsible for guaranteeing it.

We also offer an extra-authenticity certificate to the clients that request a second level of authentication. After the purchase, the customers who desire so, will not only receive Fancy Lux certificate, but also a certificate of authenticity issued by our partner Entrupy.


But what is Entrupy? Entrupy is the world’s first and only on-demand authentication solution for luxury goods. We choose to work with them because of their extensive efforts in researching new, creative and reliable solutions focused around authenticity and traceability. They have been publicly recognized throughout the years winning Tech start up of the year and AI product of the year in 2018, and winning the Innovation of the year prize in 2019. Moreover, they are part of the prestigious LVMH La Maison de startups, the Unifab lab program of 2020 and the RILA RTech start-up network. Our decision to partner with Entrupy is to offer our clients the highest quality service on the market.

Take a stand agains counterfeiting, give a gift to you and to the environment and shop authentic products, Fancy Lux will guarantee for it.

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