Second hand luxury that helps the environment: Fendi

Second hand luxury that helps the environment: Fendi

Headquartered in the dreamy city of Rome, international symbol of “Dolce Vita” and incomparable beauty, Fendi is one of the most well known Italian high luxury brands. The most iconic piece of the Roman fashion house is indubitably the highly recognisable Baguette Bag that through out the years has been declined in hundreds of different versions, from the material used to the colours and the handles. Since its establishment in 1926, Fendi has always had a cutting-edge approach to innovation, and in the most recent years they have been focusing their vanguardist eye on the issue of sustainability. For this reason the fashion brand has decided to create a green pole in Bagno a Ripoli, close to Florence. The pole, located at the heart of the countryside of Tuscany and surrounded by nature, is a centre of excellence where efforts for a more sustainable creation, development and production are concentrated, a statement of the Maison’s commitment towards environmental sustainability. Unfortunately, a more sustainable production is not enough to make a real difference and help the environment: production needs to be dramatically slowed down.

Why is pre-loved Fendi the best choice for the environment?

The greatest thing we can do to save our planet earth from unnecessary pollution and resources depletion, is to shop responsibly and to buy pre loved second hand luxury in order to reduce the amount of clothes and accessories produced every year and to minimise the impact of mining operations needed to source gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other gemstones needed for the production of fine jewellery. Just as a reference diamonds, that are widely employed by high luxury brands such as Fendi, are produced through mining. A mined diamond consumes more than 476 litres and produces more than 57 kg of CO2 per carat. In the most extreme cases, especially in Africa, this extensive consumption of water and the huge amounts of toxic waste deriving from mining can cause and has caused entire ecosystems to collapse. Luckily, Fancy Lux is an ally to the environment and offers a wide range of high quality second hand Fendi pieces for you to shop guilt-free.

By buying pre-loved Fendi Baguette bag in leather the environment approximately saves:

  • 28 liters of water
  • 97 kg of CO2e

By buying a second hand Fendi linen suit the environment approximately saves:

  • 29.2 liters of water
  • 15.8 kg of CO2e

By buying pre owned 3 carat Fendi diamond earrings the environment approximately saves:

  • 1430.7 liters of water
  • 169.8 tons of CO2e

By extending the life cycle of a Fendi silk head piece the environment approximately saves:

  • 201 liters of water
  • 7.2 kg of CO2e


Helping our dear planet is as easy and fun as a shopping spree. Hundreds of one of a kind, pre-loved, marvelous Fendi pieces are available for you on Fancy Lux. Your next, as good as new, shiny, Fendi Baguette Bag is just a few clicks away, what are you waiting for?

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