Second hand luxury that helps the environment: Dior

Second hand luxury that helps the environment: Dior

When we think about Paris and Parisian fashion, it immediately comes to our mind one of the most incensed, innovative and celebrated French designers, Christian Dior. The eclectic designer founded the homonymous maison, Dior, in 1946, and since the late 40s the brand has been an institution of the fashion industry and a synonym of elegance, uniqueness and innovation. One of the core values of the French fashion house is the idea of legacy: in their 75 years of activity the brand has always and relentlessly worked on creating a legacy for the future generations. Leaving the ones who come after us a better world than the one we currently live in, has become one of the main concern of Dior in the last few decades. They have been working on implementing a more environmentally friendly production and improving their supply chain workers conditions, making sure that their basic human rights are always respected.
This year, in June, they have launched their new sustainability initiative, Beauty As a Legacy, with the aim of celebrating all aspects of environment. Though their initiative Dior explores the themes of Biodiversity and how to preserve it, the role of women at the center of the creative process, the impact of farming and mining on ecosystems: their initiative examines the pioneers of eco-design and analyse the responsible art of gifting.


Why is pre-loved Dior the best choice for the environment?

But at the end of the day is this enough in order to safeguard the environment and limit the damage we are inflicting to our dear earth? Unfortunately, despite Dior’s best efforts to decrease the impact of their production on the environment, the only effective way to give our planet some relieve is not to produce in a more environmental friendly way but, instead, to produce less. Second-hand luxury is the key for a healthy environment. Luckily on Fancy Lux you will be able to find the most amazing, one of a kind, pre-loved Dior items to complement your favourite looks while, at the same time, doing good to the environment.


By buying a pre-loved Dior saddle bag in Jacquard canvas the environment approximately saves:

  • 35 liters of water
  • 1.3 kg of CO2e

By buying a second hand Dior leather jacket the environment approximately saves:

  • 78 liters of water
  • 243 kg of CO2e

By buying a pre owned Dior platinum bracelet the environment approximately saves:

  • 143 liters of water
  • 9 tons of CO2e

By extending the life cycle of a Dior velvet bucket hat the environment approximately saves:

  • 13 litres of water
  • 5.8 kg of CO2e

The perfect new addition to your wardrobe is just waiting for you on Fancy Lux. Shop guilt free, environmentally friendly and unique Dior pieces, you will not only make your self a one of a kind gift but you will be also giving our planet a well deserved second chance to heal and recover. What are you waiting for?


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