Fendi Bags

History of the Iconic Fendi Bag

Longing for a Baguette

If we look at the most famous and popular handbag models, the Fendi Baguette certainly tops the list of ‘timeless icons'.

Small, compact, reasonably capacious, designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi for the Autumn/Winter 1997-1998 collection and named “baguette” for its rectangular and soft design that can be worn comfortably under the arm, just like the French carry the long loaf of bread.

It immediately became the “It Bag”; TV show "Sex and the City" and the character, fashionista Carrie Bradshaw, cemented its success with her trademark exclamation: “This is not a bag, this is a Baguette!”

The small shoulder strap thus became one of the first bags to attract “waiting lists” in boutiques and one of the most coveted and sought-after models.

Made in over 1000 different variations, it has become a real collector's favourite, while always retaining some of its characteristics as distinctive features: the short shoulder strap, the sleek design, the flap closure finished with the highly recognisable Fendi double F logo.

Ranging from the most classic monogram and plain colour versions, to models boasting fancy and trendy patterns, over the years baguette bags have been designed in many different colours, leathers, fabrics and styles.

Finished with studs for a rock look or a with a vintage feel featuring precious embroideries; gem-like models coated with glittering cascades of beads or embellished with stylish rhinestones and sequins; soft fur, embroidered, limited edition creations; true works of art created in collaboration with famous artists; baguette bags parade a fancy, exclusive, timeless world that has sold more than a million units.

Over the years, this model has evolved and is now available in three sizes: small, medium and large, whose long shoulder strap makes it a capacious and comfortable everyday crossbody bag.

This Fendi bag has an extraordinary chameleon-like ability to adapt to suit the different tastes and styles of those who have embraced it: many Hollywood stars, ordinary women and, today, even influencers.

The Fendi baguette is a signature bag that gives a “status”, something recognisable and glamorous that we could either dream of or, taking advantage of second-hand bargains like the ones you'll find on Fancy Lux, make our own forever.