Hermès Birkin

5 facts about the Hermès Birkin Bag we bet you did't know

It was her husband’s fault:

Many people know the bag was designed on a plane and named after British actress and singer Jane Birkin, who was seated next to Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas. Her things had fallen out of the crushed bag she was carrying, but many don’t know why it was crushed in the first place. Well, her husband had run over it on purpose and naturally she desperately needed a new bag, so she sketched it out on the only thing available at the time, a barf bag. Who knew the birth of a future ultra-luxury bag would have such humble beginnings?

Bonkers for Birkin:

We know that greatness attracts, but did you know this bag has such a following that Victoria Beckham has over 100 of them? The Kardashians’ love affair with the Birkin is now a generational saga. Jamie Chua showed the world her massive collection housed in a 700 sq ft closet, which is apparently the largest collection in the world. But history was made at a Christie’s auction for just under US$380,000! The matte white Himalaya Niloticus Croc Birkin, boasting 245 diamonds on 18- carat white gold hardware is the most expensive handbag to date.

Love child:

Whether you use them one at a time like Jane, or 100 at a time like Victoria, leather’s wear process can require reconditioning from time to time, so Hermès has provided exactly what you need. A “spa treatment”, of course. Just as one artisan handcrafted each one passionately over the course of about 48 meticulous working hours, Hermès ensures the same doting care throughout the life of your Birkin.

Not so impossible:

There is talk of the exclusivity being artificial, created by irregular and restricted shipments to stores, but not everything you hear is true. For example, there are real stories about the impossibly long waiting list suddenly evaporating with a kind smile and good attitude, so keep the black Amex handy. Apparently, it is even possible to rent one by the week if your shop experience wasn’t as lucky as you’d hoped.

Shooting stars and gold dust:

This bag is so coveted that it even has stunt doubles in films…Yes, Lucy Liu shared about her “stunt Birkin” in an interview with Elle, explaining that the original had to be kept in a safe until filming began. We can understand the fuss, since this uber-lux accessory is a better investment than gold!